Types Of Carpet

Different Types Of Carpet

There are six different types of carpet. The most uncommon type is a woven carpet. These are produced on a loom in the same way that woven cloth is made. They have two different types of pile, either berber or plus. Some new styles of woven carpets combine these two styles. These types of carpet are referred to as cut and loop carpet. Many different colors are used in woven carpets and these types of carpet are capable of having many intricate patterns in them. These carpets are usually very expensive because they take a long time to produce.

Needlefelt carpets are made with the electrostatic attraction of synthetic fibers to each other. Needlefelt carpets are extremely durable. These types of carpet are usually found in places with high foot traffic like hotels.

One of the most prized types of carpet is the hand-knotted carpet. Almost all Oriental carpets are hand-knotted. They take a very long time to make because they are entirely made by hand and, consequently, they are very expensive. The most sought after hand-knotted carpet is the Kashmir carpet.

Another of the different types of carpet available is the tufted carpet. Tufted carpets are most commonly found as floor coverings in most North American homes. They are made by having their pile injected onto a backing material. This backing material is then bonded to another backing material which is usually a man-made product to give it added stability. Most tufted carpets are extremely long-lasting.

The last types of carpet are hooked rugs. These are constructed by hand by pulling small strips of fabric through a mesh which is often made of burlap. These types of carpet used to be very popular during the early period of the United States. They were also made in Europe in its early history.

Deciding to choose a carpet for your home can be a big decision. They can run into the thousands of dollars but you if you choose well, you will have years of enjoyment and pleasure from it. Carpets come in every color of the rainbow and are manufactured with thousands of different patterns. You can find a beautiful carpet to suit any room in your house. There are hundreds of carpet outlets selling different types of carpet over the Internet as well so this is another good resource for finding a gorgeous carpet for your home.

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