Hot Water Extraction


Why Use Hot Water Extraction Method To Clean Your Carpets

Using hot water extraction to clean your carpets is the best way to get them really clean. Cleaning a carpet using hot water extraction is the safest way to clean it. If you have pets who have had accidents on your carpets, using the hot water extraction method will flush the urine out of the carpet fibers. This technique can be used for either deeply soiled or lightly soiled carpets. It is the preferred method for cleaning carpets because it is so versatile.

Hot water extraction is also called steam cleaning. Some carpet installations require hot water extraction cleaning in order to preserve the integrity of the carpet warranty. Check with the company you purchase your carpeting from to see if there are any special conditions that need to be met in order to preserve your warranty.

Before the cleaners begin the job, they will first pre-spray your carpet with a cleaning solution to separate the dirt from the carpet fibers. This is similar to the way people sometimes pre-soak their dishes before washing them. Next, they will use an extraction machine to pull all the soil and cleaning solution from the carpet. The final step will be to dry the carpet completely.

This method is recognized in the industry as the most efficient and most effective method for cleaning indoor carpeting. Hot water extraction will remove all dirt, crumbs and sand that has fallen into your carpet and lodged between the fibers. These materials are what destroys a carpet the fastest and care should be taken to remove them at least once a year if you want to maintain your carpet’s beauty and luster. Using a standard vacuum cleaner will only remove about 85% of these type of materials from your carpet.

A vacuum cleaner does not have the ability to perform the same kind of deep cleaning as a hot water extraction cleaning will do. This is because the carpet is thoroughly soaked by the machine. If you have pets or small children who are constantly tracking in dirt into your home and onto your carpet you will probably want to consider having your carpets cleaned with this method at least once a year. It is possible to rent machines to do a job like this from your local supermarket but the type of cleaning will not be nearly as thorough as the type done by a company that specializes in this type of carpet cleaning technique.

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